Instagram Account Impersonation

Instagram Impersonation, Have The Account Removed!

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Instagram Impersonation – What To Do? Online impersonation can cause significant damage to your personal or business brand, having the offenders account removed quickly can help minimise the impact. If you find yourself in this position, remain calm and follow the steps below;   Confirm, Account impersonation is when an account is created that uses…

Looking For Legal (Royalty Free) Music For Your Killer Digital Content?

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Disclosure: I am not associated with any of the brands mentioned in this post. I have not been paid or asked to create the following content. The views expressed are my own. In full disclosure I have a paid subscription Uploading content with copyrighted material will not only have bans and strikes  placed on…

The Device That Saved My Education & The Departments Paranoia That Hindered It!

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In an era before smartphone’s and the adoption of personal computers in the class room, the scope of tool’s available to a vision impaired student was limited. I remember back in primary school (7 years old) the difficulty of copying from the whiteboard. I couldn’t see it, I recall my teacher screaming at me because…

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